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Atelier Ahn is founded by aromatherapist Miseon Ahn. Atelier Ahn has been passionate about natural products, especially hand-made soap. Using natural materials and essential oils, she has been making soaps according to skin types.

Now, we are accustomed to mass-produced cleansing products. Cleansing products tailored to mass production and long term distribution may contain large amounts of ingredients that are harmful to skin and environment. Atelier Ahn does not use any artificial additives such as artificial fragrances, synthetic preservatives and synthetic surfactants. Easily decomposed in nature, Ahn's soap is an eco-friendly product. It is our belief that people should live in harmony with nature.

No animal products are used. As we only use plant materials, it is much safer for the skin and allergy-free. Furthermore, we do not use any ingredients that is endangered or needs protection. Since the beginning of time, humans have adapted to living in nature and have used plants for healing and treatment of skin. Just as in the beginning, normal skin care and cleansing with our soaps comes from natural plants. Therefore, for humans and nature to have a friendly relationship, we produce and consume only what we need instead of relying on mass production.

Atelier Ahn has endeavored to develop a distinct and effective process for harmonious skin. Through years of experience researching materials and manufacturing handmade soaps, we have developed soaps with distinguished colors, fragrances and textures. Without any synthetic or unnatural processes, we are able to bring you colors and fragrances that are uniquely matched to their corresponding qualities in nature.
The aromatherapist, Ahn, finally fulfilled her goal of handmade products with Atelier Ahn. She uses natural herbs originating and traditionally used in Korea. Also, harnessing the original fundamental western aromatherapy, she is able to make any range of soaps that are well suited to any diverse skin types.

Being opposed to using harmful synthetics, we choose only high quality of natural ingredients to give everyone the peace of mind knowing that we are only using natural ingredients. Atelier Ahn's products are for everyone. Feel nature with the aromatic essential oils and the benefits of nature's ingredients. Each individual piece has been made by hand, so please enjoy the pure essence of each piece.

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