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1. Our soaps do not make skin dry. The skin is clean and moist after washing because our soaps contain moisturizing ingredients of plants.
2. Our soaps contain no synthetic substances, such as paraben and SLS.
3. We never use mineral oil or animal oil. We use vegetable oil and butter.
4. We do not use any artificial colorings or fragrances. The colors and fragrances match their natural origins. It is quite easy to see.
5. As we use soaps every day, we choose carefully selected ingredients such as wild flowers grown in a clean environment and organic herbs. We use materials that?are good to your skin as well as to the environment.
6. We use aromatherapy grade essential oils. You can also enjoy the effects of aromatherapy.
True skin care starts with proper cleansing. We hope you start the day with a natural soap. The benefits are quite large. Atelier Ahn's soap products are not old, but they have the quality of an age due to the experience of the maker; that of a new, clean, and clear face and healthy experience.
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Atelier Ahn
The Soap
Special Soap
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